Bruce Fernandez

Rochester Carousel Works
23 Walden Place
Rochester, New York 14610
Home Phone Number 585-899-0458

I have been carving and repairing carousel animals since 1986. I began instructing the planning and carving aspects of my work in 1988. During that time and until now I have had twelve students and have carved or been a part of carving twelve animals. I live in Rochester area and do a lot of my work here.

I am not adverse to working at a location convenient to you as most of my tools are portable. Currently, I am working on the Syracuse NY, Carousel Center PTC Carousel, previously the Roseland Park Carousel of Canadiqua, NY. This conservation repair work is being done at the Carousel Center Mall in Syracuse. I have completed forty of the forty-two horses and have conserved the two chariots. Most of the damage has been confined to broken legs and tails. There have also been pieces I have had to carve replacements but I limit replacement pieces to sections of a leg as an example, rather then the whole leg thus retaining the historic integrity of the piece. I also avoid striping by doing spot repairs and matching exiting paint colors. this is time consuming but saves the expense of entire repaints.

While the repair of gouges and dents in the carousel animals are part of the work being done to rejuvenate the animal I have advised clients to let some of them remain to remind us that these are not new animals.

Work History
Currently I am working on carousel in Syracuse, NY, Waverly R. I. and Mystic Conn. The Syracuse Carousel is repaired at that location and the other two are being done in my shop a few pieces at a time, during the off season. I have also worked on other sections and panel pieces and have two organ fronts from 1902-05 in the shop for conservation and repaint.

On many occasions, I make presentations at a variety of different functions and at libraries. I have had placed amongst the esteemed New York State Performers and Programs, for my work in carving, presentations, and classes.

» Arts Major at Bennett High School, Buffalo, NY
» Business Major at Canisius College, Buffalo, NY
» Concentration in Arts (currently enrolled) at Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

» The Carousel Center, Syracuse, NY, 13090 attn. Karen Schroeder/ Rob Schoenecik
» Webster Public Library, Webster, NY, 14580 attn. Mildred Rivers
» Rochester Public Library, Rochester, NY, 14604 attn. Gloria LoVecchio
» Mystic Carousel Misquamicut, RI 02891 attn George Tattersall 319-323 Atlantic Avenue, Misquamicut, RI
» Nicholas Vaughn, 5702 Orange Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33413

Current policy with Erie Insurance Co. for $1,000,000.